Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Salute giveaway figure 2009

Black Scorpion have just put their Salute 09 giveaway figure up on The Miniatures Page. The theme of the event is going to be the Zulu Wars, which is good news! Its quite a nice little vignette and its good to see the Zulu Wars becoming popular again: these things do go in cycles. One thing, though, I can't understand why people keep painting the helmets of the British as if they had four panels.

This foreign service helmet is, I believe, a genuine 1879 one from the 24th foot. It quite clearly has six panels. Never mind, the panel lines are never as much a feature as painters make them out to be, given the scale of a 28mm figure, so it should be easily sorted.


  1. How on earth did you get an original 24th helmet?
    And now I am going to have to get up even earlier for Salute to get this piece!

  2. It's a nice vignette, but presumably, given that it's by Black Scorpion, the figures will be considerably larger than 25mm...Black Scorpion produce lovely figures, but their insistence on sculpting to their own size (32mm/35mm/whatever) means you can't really use their stuff with anythign else.

    Oh for the days when the Salute giveaway figure was actually something you could use....

  3. Now I'm painting the Perry Sudan British figures, it's clear that those figures have been sculpted with a 6-panel helmet. Once again, the Perries show the value of intensive research prior to sculpting!

  4. This helmet belongs to me, it is not from the 24th 1879 but is from Canada circa 1902. I have since repaired the helmet and it looks good.