Monday, 23 May 2011

Zulu War - Military Dioramas blog

I had a comment on my previous post by a chap called Steve Collins who has just started a blog about his fabulous diorama of Isandlwana in 28mm (I must say that when I first looked at it I thought it was 54mm). 

I too was a great diorama builder many years ago; both using Airfix 20mm plastics and Tamiya 1/35th for World War 2.  Like many people, following an article in Military Modelling, I built a diorama using their Hanomag and Panzer Grenadiers.  Oddly, these days I don't take advantage of the diorama opportunities of my wargames figures simply because I don't use element basing so don't have a large enough canvas.

I'm looking forward to learning more about his techniques and seeing some more photos of this amazing work.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Warlord/Empress Zulu War plastic British

I've just come across these pictures of Warlord Games planned plastic Zulu War British which they are launching with Empress miniatures.  Apparently, these were on display at Salute but I never saw them.  I am not convinced I saw the whole of the Warlord stand.  It just seems to have been a few packs on a wall and a table, which was empty.  I was rather disappointed by it as I was looking for the new Hail, Caesar rules but never saw them.  Maybe I missed a bit.  Not sure.

Anyway, I am not overwhelmed by these figues as they have the usual awkward looking arms of many plastics.  Empress's metal figures are so superb, and you are never going to need that many British, that I don't see the point, really.  They still look like four panel helmets, though.  On the metal figures I have to file them all down and paint on the panel lines in the correct places.

More interesting will be the look of the plastic Zulus.  I haven't been too happy with the Empress Zulus but maybe the plastics will be better.  Due out in the Autumn, it seems.