Monday, 16 May 2011

Warlord/Empress Zulu War plastic British

I've just come across these pictures of Warlord Games planned plastic Zulu War British which they are launching with Empress miniatures.  Apparently, these were on display at Salute but I never saw them.  I am not convinced I saw the whole of the Warlord stand.  It just seems to have been a few packs on a wall and a table, which was empty.  I was rather disappointed by it as I was looking for the new Hail, Caesar rules but never saw them.  Maybe I missed a bit.  Not sure.

Anyway, I am not overwhelmed by these figues as they have the usual awkward looking arms of many plastics.  Empress's metal figures are so superb, and you are never going to need that many British, that I don't see the point, really.  They still look like four panel helmets, though.  On the metal figures I have to file them all down and paint on the panel lines in the correct places.

More interesting will be the look of the plastic Zulus.  I haven't been too happy with the Empress Zulus but maybe the plastics will be better.  Due out in the Autumn, it seems.


  1. Funny. I saw the zulu three ups at the empress stand but i didn't catch these at the Warlord stand either.....

    I agree about the models, they don't stand up to much of the stuff other companies are putting out. Still, maybe they'll do some work on them before they go off to be machined?


  2. The 3-ups were in a cabinet that was a little way away from the main Warlord stand. I can see evidence of blue tac on the figures, which might explain the funny arms. Then again, Warlord plastics can be variable so we'll have to wait and see what the final product is like. I've just finished Saul David's history of the Zulu War so I want to game it now!


  3. Well, not that impressed with these so far. I have to agree, if I want some British for the Zulu Wars then Empress is the way to go.


  4. Hi, I saw these and had a chat with both Warlord and Empress about the range. When considering the other hard plastic zulu war figures I think these are very good.

    Can't believe I've not seen your blog before, I recently set up my own, though not very good and no comments from anyone I spent 2 years building this diorama and sourcing the figures. I told Empress and Warlords of the 'gaps' in their products that would be good to fill - for instance - no british casualties / no melee - these are I'm told on their way and should be out for Oct this year - apparently this is Zulu war year. Great blog! Steve

  5. I agree that casualties are necessary. I tend to use The Sword and the Flame rules for colonials and they require wounded figures.

    I'm glad that they are getting back to the Zulu War as they seemed to have forgotten about the range somewhat of late.

    A helpful comment, thanks.

  6. If you can - find a copy of Day of the Dead Moon, audiobooks by David Rattray. I stayed at his lodeg when I visited Isandlwana, and met his widow. Seemed to really know his stuff, and Joseph, our Zulu guide was excellent.