Friday, 30 March 2012

Another (biggish) batch of 24th Foot

Well, as I struggle with my new ACW project I decided to take advantage of the good light here at present and finish another fourteen British today.  This brings my total number of British to around two dozen.  This means I probably should do another Zulu unit next.  However, I have just bought the box of the new Warlord Games Natal Native Contingent and so may have a crack at these instead.

For The Sword and the Flame you have units of 20 British but these are really just a jumble of figures at present so I need to pick the next ones out specifically so I can have tidier looking companies.  I also have a bugler and two officers under way so will try to get these done soon too.  It's very satisfying to finish what for me is a big batch!


  1. It would be a big batch for me too! Yours look great though, well done that man.

  2. I have a real soft spot for the Zulu war. I would love to see your NNC painted up. Great work on these guys.

  3. These look superb, also looking forward to seeing those NNC painted up. Will be getting myself a box of those at Salute.