Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Zulu War Books

There are far more books on the Zulu Wars than on the Sudan War of 1883-85 but I was pleased to pick up some less available ones this weekend. I went to stay with my friends in Bath who have a gorgeous 5 storey Georgian town house. The best thing about Bath is that it has a higher proportion of independent stores than any other town in Britain. It is particularly well served for book shops.

I bought four books which I haven't seen before.

Uniforms and Weapons of the Zulu War by Christopher Wilkinson-Latham
The Zulu War A Pictorial History by Michael Barthorp
Isandwana, The Bitter Zulu Victory by Carlos Roca Gonzalez
The Zulu War Centenary Issue by the South African Military History Society

These all contain some great information and wonderful illustrations. I bought three of these books from Bonapartes, a shop which specialises in larger scale military figures and always has a great selection of second hand military books in stock. http://www.bonapartes.uk.com/ A couple of years ago I bought 4 volumes of Wargames Illustrated from them. Well worth visiting if you are ever in Aquae Sulis.

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