Thursday, 25 September 2008

First Zulus finished!

Eight down 292 to go!

Well these have taken much longer than I thought they would. I reckoned that as soon as I had got the skin done there wouldn't be much more to do but had counted without all their charm necklaces, animal tail adornments and the shields, which take ages.
I have got another eight figures nearly ready; I just need to do the shields and spears so should get them done at the weekend. I have eight new figures to do with the white cow-tail adornments and I ordered another 12 figures today.

For the Sword in the Flame rules you need 20 figure units so this is not quite half of what I will need. They are painted as the iNdlondlo regiment who fought at Isandlwana.

I will review the figures themselves when I have got some more done. Suffice to say that they look much better painted than unpainted -even when it's my rather "impressionistic" style!

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  1. Excellent stuff-this has convinced me that the Zulu War will be one of my next projects! You are right, when painted they look a whole lot more convincing.